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Install RPSL
To use RPSL you must have a unix-like operating system (linux, solaris, etc.)
that has reasonably recent versions of the standard GNU development tools:  

make  (gnu make)
c/c++ compiler such as gcc

These are widely available if you don't have them and they are easy to 
compile and install.  They can even be installed into the RPSL_HOME location 
(see later) if you don't have root access by running their configure scripts 
with the --prefix=${RPSL_HOME}/usr/local argument.

Download RPSL if you haven't already and choose an install location and untar 
the RPSL distribution there:
% cd <install_location>
% tar xvfz rpsl[DDMmmYY].tar.gz

This will create a directory called rpsl.  Point your browser to the file
rpsl/usr/local/doc/rpsldocs/index.html which is the local copy of these pages.

Thats it!


Table of Contents
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