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RPSL utility files
All of the RPSL utility files are in the directory $RPSL_HOME/usr/share/utl.

To begin with, this directory contains the default class skeletons.  These can 
be edited for a particular installation (i.e. to add a standard company 
or personal or GNU copyright to source files):


Additionally the group or an individual user can provide a custom set in a group
or user path that overrides those in the home path, with, say, the project name.  
The newclass scripts look for class skeletons in $RPSL_USER/usr/share/utl,
$RPSL_PROJ/usr/share/utl and $RPSL_HOME/usr/share/utl in that order and take
the first set found.

Proceeding, the files

are the prototypes for the RPSL-generated for library and executable
modules, respectively.

The default prototype for can also be overridden locally by
putting a custom one in the top-level module directory with the same name
( or  Changing these files, however, requires
some understanding of the autoconf and automake macros.

The files

are prototypes for the top-level. main library level, and subdirectory 
RPSL-generated's. If a exists locally in a 
subdirectory RPSL will not generate a new there, and the local 
file will be copied to  This permits customization of the 
compilation for special cases that are contained in a source subdirectory.
There is no override feature for the lib and top levels or for an executable.

A skeleton RPSL/autotools sandbox directory structure is tarred up in:


The files


are prototyes for their root names, respectively.

The default prototype for thelibname.h can be overridden locally by putting 
a custom file called "thelibname.h.rpsl" in the source directory. This file
must be complete and is simply copied to thelibname.h (and renamed to the 
actual library name). This is useful to specify a particular set of classes 
that are the public "API" for the library.  Any headers omitted from this 
file and appearing only in implementation files in the library source will
not be visible to the library user.

The default prototype for can also be overridden locally 
by putting a custom file called "" in the top-level 
module directory.



are prototype directory trees for rpslNewLibTree and rpslNewExecTree, respectively, 
to copy to a new name locally and modify.


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